SR&P_LogoWelcome to our Club site

We are a Home Office approved club  affiliated to: –

  • National Rifle Association
  • National Small-Bore Rifle Association
  • Herts Small-Bore Rifle Association


Like all shooting clubs we are very keen to increase the interest in shooting as a sport for all. A sport that requires skill, dedication and lots of practice to master.

But not one that is solely the preserve of the young and fit. A sport that teaches self discipline and self control in a way that can be great fun.

It is a sport that physical disability need not bar you from as long as you can hold and aim the rifle, you can do it!

Last updated 10 January 2022 Added dates in the calendar for committee meetings and AGM.

 Please note there might be limitations on numbers for Bisley I will update this when I know.

Lewsey update:- There is still no news as to when the Range will open. They are still waiting for quotes for a new ventilation system.

If you have a smartphone or PC and want a link to the Google club calendar let me know and I’ll send you an invite.