We are a relatively small and friendly shooting club with members from various walks of life and with equally varying shooting interests, black powder rifles and pistols, historic military bolt action rifles, right up to the most modern centre fire rifles, we also take part in a number of national competitions for gallery rifle and precision rifle.

We were based in North Hertfordshire, shooting at a T.A. indoor range in Hitchin. As of 11th March we now shoot on Saturday mornings at Lewsey Community centre, and at Bisley twice a month with full bore rifles on ranges from 200 yards to 1000 yards.

When it comes to full bore shooting, there is a wealth of knowledge within the club on reloading, which can make the hobby a little more interesting! Not only does your ability to aim the rifle have an effect on your accuracy but how good your reloads are will also effect it.

Working out the correct combination of components which is the best powder or bullet for your gun, how much powder gives the best results, can all have an effect on your shooting.

One of the other advantages of reloading your own ammunition is that it will make the hobby less expensive.