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Roger has some items for sale

4 tins of Pistol propellant: 

Hercules “2400” 1lb  £20 Now called Alliant “2400”
Hercules “Unique” 1lb £20 Now called Alliant “Unique”.
Hodgdon “LilGun”  1lb £20 Suitable for both magnum pistol and .410” shot loads.
Nobel Pistol No.3 500g £15 Not made for many years but loads are available on the Internet.
All (except the Nobel) are on sale in the UK for £40+. Alliant bought out Hercules some years ago.

batches of bullets for re-loading

.308       Sellor & Belliot 180gn.  x 100 Current retail price £32/100. Will accept £25
.224       Lapua 69 gn Scenar (4PL5010) x 200 Current retail price £36/100. Will accept £30/100 (or £58 for the 200).

Len has some rifles for sale.

7.5mm Schmidt – Rubin K-31 (1942)  £300
11mm Mauser 1871/84 £550
.310 Cadet BSA £550
.45/70 Winchester High Wall (Uberti), Soule Target Sight £600